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Chanda Bradshaw

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“Chanda is an awesome trainer!  My dog Slate is a 1 year old Doberman.  She was shy, timid and very likely, in my opinion, to fear bite.  My exact opposite anticipation for a Doberman.  I was looking for a protective family dog that was good with kids, but her personality was more of the exact opposite of that.  She is awesome with kids, so that was good, but she was overactive and afraid of pretty much everything.  It was almost comical to see a Doberman cower and run when most folks were actually scared of her!  So she needed confidence and to be less crazy in the house.  She loved my daughter and me but would run from my husband, which wasn’t a good situation.  Now she will sit and stay, place, and come to him when called.  It’s Great!  She still is a bit nervous when someone comes over but I no longer worry about her biting them out of fear.  She is okay with my guests when she meets them and goes on about her business ignoring them or she wants to be petted, either way it’s nice, she is not under the bed growling.  Thanks Chanda!”

Nichole & Slate

Mayodan, NC

“I have a 10 month old German Shepherd puppy and my husband and I were at the end of our rope with him.  So we took him to Lakeside K9 and let her keep him for 30 days.  Now we have a dog who listens and we enjoy so much.  It’s truly amazing what she did with our dog.  I will recommend her to everyone.”

Tammy & Jake

Stokesdale, NC

“Thanks to Lakeside K9, we now have two well behaved pups!  Maddie just got home on Monday and is doing great!  Before she went to Lakeside K9 she liked to jump and had the urge to venture off.  Since she has been home she hasn’t left our side!  We know the journey has just begun, but we are so happy to have a puppy that is very well behaved wherever we go!  We are beyond grateful for the love and care Maddie received while being at Lakeside K9.  Chanda and her family treated Maddie as one of their own and it meant a lot to know she was in such great hands.  We can’t wait to watch her grow!  We would do it again in a heartbeat.  If anyone is considering sending their dog to training this is the place to go!”

Mike, Becky, Emma & Maddie

Oak Ridge, NC

“Chanda, I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the amazing job you did with Jake! He is totally a different dog!  I brought you a wild child that I never thought I would be able to control.  He is calmer and listens, no more jumping or chewing!  He has improved 100%!  Thank you so much!”

Sherry & Jake

Eden, NC

“Sara is now well behaved and very comfortable here.  She obeys commands as asked.  Thanks Chanda for your help with her because she would have never been able to stay here without your training!”

Tom & Sara

High Point, NC

“Chanda and Lakeside K9.  When I was considering buying my two puppies I had already factored in their training at Lakeside K9.  The 6, 7 week long wait for my babies to be home was difficult, but well worth it!  Chanda and her team work over 12 hours a day to ensure that every dog/puppy gets individualized training and exercise. Any questions my husband and I had (and there were plenty) were always answered promptly and thoroughly.  The support and involvement was and still continues to be phenomenal. One of my pups actually had to go back to training for a tune up due to his obsession with water.  Chanda didn’t hesitate to take him in and help resolve the problem we were having.  I actually just got back from a vacation with him and he did beyond great!  For 6 and 5 month old puppies they absolutely shock everyone they meet with their amount of obedience, manners, and discipline.  If you have a puppy or an older dog who needs training look no further than Lakeside K9!  Thanks again!”

Don & Ara

Eden, NC